viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2007

Sue's tears (experiment number two)

Sally is a very pretty little girl,
with a big secret in her heart:
she knows all neighbours
in her own house, alive or died.

When she was trying to sleep yesterday,
her bed was occupied with a tearful girl
called Sue.

Sue loves her mother,
but she works much nights in a hospital
and these nights, her stepfather
talks with a whisky bottle before making cry she.

Sally usually was sad these nights, she couldn't console her,
but yesterday was different, Sally embraced her
and cried together.

When Sue fell asleep, Sally talked with the dark woman,
as many nights after the fire night,
but this time Sally knew what she wanted,
only one hour, and all its finished.

Today, a white winged horse has come to gather them
meanwhile policemen found a death man
with two small hands signals in his neck.

Nobody see again Sue or Sally,
except dark woman, who accompanied their
to another place, without pain, without tears.


If shakespeare would read my experiments with his language,
my head would be in danger :)

5 comentarios:

La cónica dijo...

I didn't know Shakespeare chopped anybody's head. Well, maybe he did, and that's how he got the first skull starring in Macbeth... Could be.

Thank you for this new experiment in English. Made me be moved at first, then a bit scared, then my heart felt a bit hollow.

See you at the blank night, whatever it's called in English.

Kaos Baggins dijo...

ha ha this is the idea, a heart falling from a song to fear

as you know, I tried to ignore the blank night (people waited 4 hours to visit Teatro Real!!!!!!! they're crazy)

La cónica dijo...

We're all crazy, man.

629 dijo...

Pues personalmente creo que está muy bien. Además supongo que debido al esfuerzo que te ha debido suponer escribir en inglés (jajaja... me troncho) has sido más breve de lo habitual, y eso siempre facilita la lectura. Por lo menos a mi (jajajaja)

Kaos Baggins dijo...

joe mamoncete!, no te tronches que mi neurona quedó en un estado muy lamentable jejejejeje

prometo intentar alternar los tochos con las cosas breves, el problema es que me lio a aporrear teclas y como me de por improvisar estoy perdido jejeje